Congressional work pace to slow down as deputies dedicate most of their time to politics

The president of the Chamber of Deputies Alfredo Pacheco (PRM-National District) had approved the absence of legislators with full pay. Pacheco authorized that the legislators meet for sessions only one day a week as of September 2023. Pacheco explained the legislators needed more time for their electoral campaigns.

Diario Libre explains that the announcement will further delay the approval, amendment, or rejection of 32 bills that are on the floor.

The Diario Libre report says that when the legislators met thrice a week, they approved up to 48 initiatives per month. With the once-a-week sessions, Diario Libre expects the number of finished bills to drop to about 16 per month. Diario Libre says that the legislators have voted on four initiatives per session so far this year.

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Diario Libre

14 September 2023