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Linda Stapleton

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Jun 3, 2003
Anyone know how busy SDQ is for departures and how full Iberia flights are?
A friend and I made it back from the UK yesterday, changing in Madrid and destined to Santo Domingo, all with Iberia. The first plane from the UK to Spain was about half full and the second one was chocker block, I didn't see an empty seat, almost all Dominican people, not tourists as such. Thanks to Tropical Paul for all your help.

The airport itself was not very busy at all.

We had conflicting information about whether it was necessary to complete the online health declaration (QR) within 48 hours before arrival in Spain, as we were transiting. As the guidelines were not clear, we completed it to be on the safe side and turns out it was not asked for, but my friend had special assistance so we did not take the standard route. Everyone on the plane who had not already completed that online had to fill out a paper form, as did those entering the DR.

We narrowly escaped the covid testing, apparently when they'd tried to test everyone on arrival the previous day there were near riots because people were being held up for 4-5 hours. I hear they are now going to insist on the negative test within 5 days of entering the country and if a person doesn't have that, they'll be required to have a free test on arrival. I think that's from 31st July, but not certain. Yesterday everyone's temperature was monitored and I think they tested anyone whose temperature was high. Changing all the time.
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