Antonio Marte: Visas, anyone?

Santiago Rodriguez senator and transport czar Antonio Marte again calls for the Abinader administration to put a stop to the apparent business of selling visas to Haitians.

“We are not on the right track. That is a big business that visa, and everybody qualifies. If everyone qualifies for the visa, we are really going to fill this country with Haitian immigrants,” Marte said speaking during Wednesday’s session of the Dominican Senate.

For Marte, it is necessary to stop the issuance of uncontrolled visas to citizens of the neighboring country and to create a commission in charge of purging those who request such service.

“It worries me. I have said on several occasions that the visa to Haitians should be paralyzed, that they should come here, apply for these visas and that there should be a commission in charge of purging those who apply for them,” he said, as reported in Listin Diario.

Marte warned that at the pace immigration is going, in the future, Haitians will govern the country. He said that Haitian children already are 12% of the students in the public schools in the country.

“In a few years this country will be governed by those Haitians, by that 12%”.

He also stressed that while the children of Dominicans have difficulties to enter schools to study, we have that the children of Haitian migrants in this country already occupy 12% of places in public schools.

Finally, the congressman called on the authorities to address the situation.

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25 May 2023