Santo Domingo hit hard by flash floods; reports coming in from the rest of the country

Supermarkets were open on Sunday, and stores such as La Sirena, Price Mart and Supermercados Nacional were packed with people. Most other businesses remained closed and thousands of activities were cancelled on Sunday. On Saturday evening, President Luis Abinader had called for work to be off until 7am on Monday, 20 November 2023.

Diario Libre reports at least 29 persons due to flash floods, mudslides and drowning caused by the passing of the storm that turned into a fatal trough as it moved slowly through the Dominican Republic.

The director of the Weather Office (Onamet), Gloria Ceballos, said more than 431mm (around 17 inches) of rain fell on the National District (the capital city) this 18 November in 24 hours. Most in four hours. The rain level was 62% more than the 266 mm that fell on the tragic 4 November 2022. Ceballos called the amount of rainfall a record for such a short time.

In Greater Santo Domingo, the Los Prados electricity substation suffered damages. The repair kept people in the neighboring areas without power on Saturday and Sunday as work crews repaired the issues.

Otherwise, only a very light drizzle fell in the capital city on Sunday, but traffic was minimal as people stayed home to share with family.

Social media and traditional media shared videos taped of emergencies during the intense rains. The rains again showed that Santo Domingo, gone from being a city of houses with patios and streets and avenues with abundant trees, is now a concrete jungle, affecting the drainage.

The heavy rains, in some areas reaching two feet, caused major floodings. In other areas, waters of rivers were seen gushing through city streets.

Minister of Public Works spoke of the start of an investigation to detail the causes of the incident. He said public works need to be built to withstand heavy rains such as on Saturday, 18 November 2023. He was referring to the collapse of the retainer wall at the underpass on Av. 27 de Febrero, resulting in the death of nine persons who were traveling in five vehicles that were crossing at the fatal time. Five women and four men died.

Edwin Olivares said that 911 coordinated the efforts General Herasme of the Santo Domingo Firemen after the collapse of the wall at around 5pm.

Public Works Minister Deligne Ascensión announced an investigation into what happened with the retainer wall on 27 de

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20 November 2023