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    Capitalism with a heart.

    Great article about an American clothing factory in the DR that get this, pays a living wage! Capitalists with a conscience. If only more would follow. Well we can dream and hope.
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    Trujillo, mi padre by Angelita Trujillo

    There was thread that was started by NALs named "Trujillo, mi padre" in the polls section that was closed a few months ago. The thread dealt with the book by Angelita Trujillo, daughter of the dictator Trujillo. There was a lot of good info expressed by members in that thread, but it seems an...
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    Rua's Bar does an about face

    Although the sister thread (No blacks, no gays... Rua's Bar defends policy)was closed because it degenerated to nonsense, it is important to note that the bar's management has done an about face and now categorically denied that they discriminated against anyone. There are only four rules for...
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    Santiago storage

    Hey folks I'm looking for a storage place in Santiago. Are there any? Thanks for your help.
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    Sometime next week the government starts a new internet channel about, well government stuff. Lets see if its just propaganda or actual useful information.
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    Dos nuevos sabores Bon

    Bon has two new flavors "Sonrisas de mel?n" y "Sonrisas de lim?n". MMMMMMMMMMM:cheeky: Dos nuevos sabores Bon -
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    Editors on vacation?

    Just happen to be surfing on the web and I came to this article from Diario, one of the top three papers in the DR. Now seems to me that the editors were on vacation, had too many Brugal's (perhaps the writer had a few also) or simply did not care, but the miss information and lack of...
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    Watch you back Fernandez?

    A study by Corporaci?n Latinobar?metro, Santiago de Chile shows that the Dominican Republic came in first place in answering the following question: "ACUERDO CON QUE LOS MILITARES HAYAN EXPULSADO AL PRESIDENTE ZELAYA DE HONDURAS" trans "In agreement that the military sent off President...
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    Miches:Dominican Town Explores Ecotourism

    Hope the plans pan out for the good of the town. Dominican Town Explores Ecotourism - Video Library - The New York Times
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    Eduardo Galeano

    A dear cousin of mine that lives in the Naco area of Santo Domingo has had a difficult time in finding a copy of the book Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent (in Spanish Las venas abiertas de Am?rica Latina) by the fine Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano in...
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    Lion's Gate Mansion

    For those with some change to spare there is an auction for Lion's Gate Mansion in PP. Btw not making a cent out of this, just saw this on the web.:ermm: Welcome to Sheldon Good & Company
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    Camp David Ranch

    I stayed at Camp David in Gurabo, Santiago a week ago. Very good service, good food, clean and big room and the best was the breathtaking view of Santiago especially at night. A place to get away from the hustle and bustle, and relax in the tranquility of the mountain. Highly recommended. Here...
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    The 2009 Legatum Prosperity Index Table Rankings

    Nothing surprising about the position of the Dominican Republic compared to the rest of the world in its ranking in the prosperity scale. The DR is mired in the 50's not just on this index but in others as well. As usual those socialist nordic countries are in the top of the heap. Of the 9...
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    Fernandez says he?s Bosch reincarnate

    Another winner from Leonel. The man says he is the incarnate of Juan Bosch. If anybody knows even a tiny bit of history of what Bosch stood for, they will know that Leonel is plain and simply delusional. What bothers me is that none of the guests walked out...
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    Sosa will soon retire....officially

    Please do it.....its about time, and what's this about not allowing his legacy to be stained.:laugh: Sammy Sosa planning to announce formal retirement - ESPN